Wednesday, February 11, 2009

STABed by DoLpHin~

Bold the statements that are true;
Italicize the statements you wish were true;
Leave the fibs alone.
Then, stab 5 people to do the tag.

I’m 170cm + tall.
I don’t know what I want at the moment.
I’m not happy.
I hate my friends.
I hate my life.
I hate my grades.
He drives.
I’m bored of driving.
I go clubbing every week.
Shopping is bullshit.
I have a tattoo of a star.
I got my navel pierced.
I have friends that take drugs.
90% of my friends smoke.
I have a business running.
I hate cartoons.
I hate someone.
I have 10 handbags.
I buy PLAYBOY/PLAYGIRL every month.
My school mates know about my blog.
I wanted to be a fashion designer.
Wanted, past-tense.
I love emo rock bands.
I hate it when people cancel last minute meet ups.
I’m a rebel.
I started wearing dresses.
High school's filled with drama.
My parents have faith in me.
Maybe a little too much faith.
I’ve bought shoes this month.
I hate sports.
I heart Italian food.
I hate meeting new people.
I hate nail polish.
The mother bear gives me hugs.
People should start appreciating me.
High school was the worst time of my life.
I have cool hair.
One Utama is my second home.
I’m a guy.
I’m scared of my Biology exam.
I hate vacations.
We’ll last.
I believe in long distance relationships.
I’m going to get high and smoke weed one day soon.
I’ve robbed an old lady.
I was stupid.
At times I think I still am a stupid.
I hate surprise parties.I hate planning parties.
I’m a sinner.
I have a Wii.
I can't live without musics.
Video games are a waste of time.
I miss the father bear.
I love being in love.
I know how to cook.
I have 100% freedom.
I love horror films.
I’m happy with what I have.
I slept in my parents’ room for 3 days after watching Scream when I was a kid.
My old friends keep in touch with me.
I don’t read newspapers.
The news is such a waste of time.
Blogging is a waste of time.
I hate animals.
I can’t live without make-up.
I curse like a pirate.
I’m happy with my 11 year old car.
I hate people that are smart.
I love Apple Juice.
I can’t drink for nuts.
I believe that everyone in their teens have lost their virginity.
I’ve got a new phone.
I’m going to get a new pair of shoes by the end of this month.
I love clubbing.
I haven’t worked out since March.
I love my friends and family.
I'm hot.
What can I say? I'm sexy.^^

I stab:
~Thean Soong~

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Foundation Farewell Party

I feel sooooooooooooo sad edi...................

Our Foundation In Management for January 08 Intake has completed liao.
The time has cum for us to part.
Some might be going to cyber campus, others are pursuing different courses, few are going to become my future accounting course mates...

Whatever it is, I'm sure gonna miss everyone BADLY.
Therefore, it is only appropriate that we have a First & Final Gathering to bid farewell to one another. And we did just that!!!!

We had a BBQ Party in Gavin's house which was SUPPOSED to start at 6pm. Before the party started, Alex, Gavin, Kai Yang and I went to Tesco and Jusco to buy the food. We went straight after our English test.

At 6pm, I started to light up the fire for the BBQ together with Kai Yang. Honestly speaking, Kai Yang is quite experienced in BBQ stuff.

Above: Kai Yang doing what he does best

When the fire was ready, it was time to BURN the food!!
We had marinated chicken wings, marinated lamb, sweet corn, sausages, meatballs,
French loaf bread, marshmallows and even crab sticks!

Above: Then came along Alex with the food

Above : Since Gavin (holding 2 sweet corns)
is a skinny guy, he desperately needs extra food lol

Above: The charming Safiq =P

And before we all knew it, time flew by and it was soon night.

Above: Wai Theng is fanning herself with the english test paper.
Haha, my first impression was that she was gonna burn d paper lol

After all our peruts sudah kenyang, Lydia suggested an excellent activity, The Sharing Activity!!
This was a simple activity in which everyone sat close to each other to make a huge circle. Basically, everyone was given a piece of paper and had to write comments about their friends at the party.

Check out this video ya ^^

Above: That's me. haiz, write until the ink in d pen finish liao
Sry ya Chai Ting =P

Below: Tat Hui enjoying his 'supper' after the sharing session.
Although he came late, he proved to us that it was 'better late than never' haha !

Above: Mat Rempit !!!!

Our class photo !!!!

( Not in any particular order )
Wei Yee, Xiao Hui, Ho Shen, Wee Min, Karmen, Jun Zhe, Safiq, Tat Hui, Kai Yang, Chai Ting, Rachel, Winnie Wong, Wee Sin, Lee Ying, Wai Theng, Shu Yin, Alex, Ah Zhe, Nicole, Xiao Han, Lydia, Jenniher, Gavin, Ei Gee, Calvin, Winnie (Chong Shu Wen) and me =P

Freestyle position

~Frenz 4eva~

F ellow
R relationship
I n
E ternity
N ever
D ies
S o
H opefully
I t's a
P romise

PM 43 & PM 44
Well, we certainly did prove to the rest
that we are the best !
I wish Good Luck
to everyone
may the miracle
of our friendship

stay alwiz
in our


Sunday, December 14, 2008

My First Karaoke Trip!

Hehehehe.. Hahahaha.. Sobs Sobs...Waaaaa

My very first trip to the Karaoke!!!!!

This trip had an unusual mixture of fun, happiness, disappointment ,unluckiness and Oh My Goodness!!! ...all packed into 1 trip.

Okokokok, let’s start from the very beginning, shall we? It was a Friday (13 December). My friends (Emily, Gerald, New Wei Jie, Mun Sun) and I decided to go to the karaoke at a place called Jetty.

Yes, we all perfectly knew that Emily, New and I had to sit for our English test the very next day. But as usual, we couldn’t be bothered. C’mon, how is one supposed to improve their English overnight? It’s ludicrous. So as usual, studying and revising was the last thing we had in mind (shhhhhhhh, plz dun tell my mum and dad guys =P)




I can seriously imagine my mum banging my eardrums with these sentences.

So anyway, we planned to go at 5.30 since Gerald had classes until 5pm. He’s a very kuai kuai guy wan, will never ponteng class wan *cough cough cough* Nevertheless, we had booked a blue Kancil car due from 12pm to 12 am (half day). It was a typical Kancil car only that the radio didn’t work, the horn made a soft screeching sound, the speed meter was spoilt and there was a flashing red battery light. Not knowing that something terrible was about to happen much later, New, Emily and I hit the streets at around 12.15. Our first stop was at Melaka Central where Emily bought her bus ticket to her hometown which was scheduled on the next day (after the English test).

Then, we decided to watch a movie at Dataran Pahlawan. We waded through the traffic and finally found a place to park. No, we didn’t park at the parking bay or at a parking lot. We kinda placed the car’s ass somewhere along a road where other cars had parked. Even though it wasn’t a parking lot, we had once parked there before so nothing bad could happen, rite???

Before watching the movie (we decided to watch BOLT), we strolled around at the PC Fair in Mahkota Parade Shopping complex (located directly opposite Dataran Pahlawan).

We didn’t have anything in mind to buy and there was nothing catchy worth buying. So, we just jalan jalan and tengok tengok here and there lo…

Guess who we saw? At one spot, Rishi, Karmen and a few others from MMU were promoting a Karspersky product. We chit chat’ed with them for awhile and left for lunch. We had lunch at Newton.

After filling our bellies, we headed straight for the cinema. The show started at 3.10pm and ended at 4.45pm. It was a nice show. If you are into cute things, that is the movie for you..

We had to pick Gerald and Mun Sun up from Ixora at 5.30, so we quickly walked to the car.

But, something caught our attention….

It was a paper sticking on the windscreen.

Was it a leaflet? Nope..

Was it a love letter? I wish….





Damn, tak sangka kena saman…

Then, when we saw the penalty fee, my eyes almost bulged out of the sockets!!!

It’s a 3 digit figure wei!!!!

Waliao!!!! A hefty RM100!!!!


Oh well, we were in the wrong anyway…

Ok, never mind…this is our fault. Yeah, we deserved it.

But, God wasn’t done with us yet. Nope, he had something in store for us, something much worse….

Not knowing what was more to come, we zoomed off to Ixora, picked them up and went straight to GOGO KTV at Jetty which was located at the brink of the beach.

(below) We went into Room 8 and that is where the fun really began!!!

We sang on top of our lungs. Both Chinese and English songs were on our “menu.” Since most my friends loved singing Chinese songs more, I had to give in…

Still, I did enjoy myself tremendously for I could sing a few Chinese songs like Deng Xia Yi Ge Tian Liang, and some Jay Chau songs. JAY CHAU ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

We also sang some songs from Westlife. Simply awesome..

New got carried away and started dancing..

I followed suit and soon, some of us were shacking our butts to the music..

My first trip to the Karaoke was indeed a memorable one.


(From left)

Mun Sun, Emily, Gerald, New and Me

It was a full moon that night

After two hours of singing, it was time for dinner. It was 8.30 and we decided to go to the famous Satay Celup located in town.

We all mischievously let Emily drive us instead. And being a careful driver who just got her driving license a few months ago, she drove pretty slow….

If you see carefully, you'll notice the red battery light...

hahaha...rough tough puff behind the wheels =P

At first the car seemed ok. No major problems.

Then, after driving for awhile, Emily stepped on the accelerator to accelerate but the car didn’t increase velocity. She pressed the pedal a few times but to no avail. Weird. Then it hit us, the engine sudah mati…

Haiyo, stupid car..

Emily turned the ignition but the engine was still sleeping. Swt..

What now???

So, we stopped at the side of the road, got out of the car and tried to start the engine again and again. We wasted our energy la…there wasn’t even the engine sound going kreeek kreeeek kreeeek.. Then, we turned on the emergency lights but it didn’t light up.

Shoot, battery mati pulak.. Aiyoyo…

Engine and battery mati…

Cool and steady..
Even though we were in a "tight spot," we were still kinda relaxed....

So we called the mechanic of the car and told him to come to our “rescue.” See see, he’s in the middle of dinner. So we had to wait for him to finish dinner lo.. Damn that fella, waited for more than 1 hour. With nothing to do, all of us sat in the car and of all the topics to talk about, we started “interviewing” everyone’s love life..

It started off with New, Mun Sun, Emily, and Gerald. When my turn came, my our savior had arrived; the mechanic was here. Muahahahahahaha, I managed to escape the sharing session lalalalalalalala… =P

okok, back to the mechanic. Upon arrival, after explaining to him what had happened, he managed to reason out that the Kancil's autinator ( dun ask me what the heck this is for even I do not have the faintest clue about it). According to him, the autinator was spoilt, therefore it had used the battery's power to keep the engine alive. It did keep the engine running though, but after awhile, even the battery's juice ran out...


just our luck eh...

The mechanic continued saying that nothing could be done. The car's a goner.So, we pushed the car to a safe side of the road and left it there to be collected by the owner. God Blast that Car!!!

Then, we headed for McD which was just across the street only. It was 11pm and we still haven't had our dinner yet =O

Fuuh.... i think i crapped too much edi...

I must be boring u readers to sleep with an essay of words..

okay okay, i'll let the pictures do the talking...

Dinner at McD

After dinner, it was already 11.30pm. Exhausted, went back to Ixora..
Don't ask how we got back...

~RM 30 flew away ~

So there you have it!
My First ever Karaoke Trip!
Looking forward to a next one

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Something Different

Pondering aimlessly upon these questions, "Where should I have dinner tonight?" "What should I eat?", every food outlet that I could think of seemed to be a total bore. So, I checked my cupboard and discovered that I still had bread and above all, I still had some ba kua (dried sliced pork) left!

Left over gardenia bread...

For those of you who have never seen dried pork slices, it's basically something like dried pork ham I guess.

Yeah! THAT'S IT!!!! Ba kua sandwich for dinner!!!! Whupeee!!!!!
However, little did I know that my stomach was gonna have to digest something else for dinner instead.....
something different indeed....

Staring at my computer screen, a yellow flashing light at the tool bar caught my attention. It was Kei Fai sending me an MSN message. He invited me over to his place to cook for dinner. Flattered, I gave it a thought. Nah, dried pork sandwich was in my mind at that time so I humbly declined his offer. I told him what I was going to eat and I offered some ba kua to him since this precious meat is soooooooooooooo hard to come by here. This is where Kei Fai had a brilliant idea. With much excitement, he told me to bring the ba kua over to his place immediately. And so, I did just that.

As soon as I reached his place, he told me that he was going to place cubes of ba kua into his mushroom gravy. What he initially had had in mind was to have dried (kuan lo) noodles with mushroom gravy. This gravy is something like the che cheong fun mushroom gravy that you can typically find in Ipoh. Over here in Melaka, such gravy is hard to come by. In fact, as an Ipohlian ,"good" food is really truly hard to come by.Take my word for it guys.

Seeing a wonderful opportunity, he literally tore 2 slices of ba kua into small slices and dumped those chunks of ba kua into the gravy. He added a bit more water and heated the gravy. While waiting, we could smell the delicious aroma of the gravy which smelled something like mushroom and ba kua (like duh....) Our appetites grew and our stomachs were now extremely demanding to be fed..

After taking out the noodles from the oven (yeah, we placed a bowl of instant noodles with water into the oven to cook 'em), we poured the precious gravy onto the noodles...

Ta daaaaaaa

Ahhh, the moment of truth had come. It was now time for the best part which was to taste the gravy to see if it was as good as it smelled.
We scooped the gravy and let it sunk into our taste buds......



As predicted, it had the sweet ba kua taste. The flavour of the mushrooms were pretty much enhanced, giving the gravy a rich flavour. The gravy was neither too thick nor too thin. It had the salty taste from the salt and oyster sauce. Simply perfect...

It was so delicious yet so simple and easy to make, it'll make you say, "Now, why didn't I think of that before?"

ahhhh, the taste was soooooooooo gooooood!!!
Our tongues were in heaven!!!

The noodles were covered with generous portions of mushroom and ba kua slices

The fabulous gravy...

And here's our happy ' Naked Chef ,'
the genius behind the brilliant innovation...

No guys, he's not a begger in newspapers.

He is a student of MMU and a wonderful friend of mine with a wacky personality

He loves to make new friends.

And most importantly, he is still single =P

Do not hesitate to add him in Friendster for you never know, he might once again surprise you with another amazing recipe !!!!!

After the satisfying meal, we chit chat'ed as usual..
Time certainly passes by pretty fast when you are enjoying yourself...
Before going back, K5, Mun Hoe and I decided to go to the market the next morning to buy ingredients for another cooking session.
And with people like Kei Fai and Mun Hoe around,
cooking will certainly be a tasty adventure indeed!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


"The Road Not Taken"
by Robert Frost,
is an extremely poetic way of expressing :
"ARGHH!!!!! Which choice should I make??? Is this the RIGHT choice??? Would I ever regret in future for making this choice??? WHAT SHOULD I DO?????????? "

Dedicated to all my MMU foundation-mates, I hope this post should clear your doubts or at least, give you some courage to make the next choice. The time has come to choose. What course to major in? Is it better to stay in Melaka campus instead of Cyberjaya campus? What happens if I make the wrong choice? Well in life, since choices are unavoidable, we have to learn how to deal with them. Problems occur because of choices. A situation which has 10 different alternatives would pose a bigger problem compared to those with only 2 alternatives.

For those who have yet to answer the big question " What course to pursue?" I'll give you this advice. Choose a course that fits your passion. If you think that the course would be to difficult for you, SLAP YOURSELF. If you really have the passion for that course, you should think of it as a challenge, not a problem. Nothing is easy in life. Stop trying to find an easy course.If it were easy, then it wouldn't be worth pursuing. Think about it!
Okay, maybe your passion does not fit your personality. Take me for example. I love crapping, talking and socializing. However, I have the desire to become a chartered accountant; this is my passion, my dream and my goal. From the job prospective, an accountant is a person who nests his backside on the chair and indulges his mind in numbers and figures for long hours. The fingers work while the mouth sleeps. Not much opportunity to socialize eh? And me, being a so-called extrovert, has been told by A LOT of people (including close friends) that I am taking the wrong course. They say that I would be better off taking engineering due to my passion for maths and scientific reasoning. Even marketing would be a better course for me, they say. BUT, there's nothing wrong with adapting your personality and passion. I can still be an accountant and socialize at the same time with my other colleagues, can't I? It may not be easy but hey, nothing is easy. What I am trying to point out here is that, follow your heart. It may take time though.

To go to Cyber or not to go? Another hotly debated topic among my friends. Well, staying in either Melaka or Cyber both has its pro's and con's. It is up to you to judge which place weighs more pro's than con's. Many of my Melakan friends do not want to go to Cyber for obvious reasons. I respect their decisions. But before they make any decisions, I hope they see the brighter side of going to Cyber. We are in University now. No longer in schools. It is time we learn how to be independent and practice how to depend on ourselves. Yes, we can still learn how to be independent by staying in our respective hometowns. However, the feeling is different. Do you know what it's like to feel homesick? To miss home cook food? How to travel without parents? Do you know the feeling of having to rely on your close friends for support?
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Oh well, decisions are engraved into our lives; there's no escape from it. There is no right or wrong choice. Bad choices only make you stronger as long as you are willing to learn from it. Decision will undoubtedly leave scars of regret or happiness which will either way, make us who we are.

"Make the choices before the choices make you"

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Final Semester

Waaa ! The final semester for us January intake students has finally approached. Even though we have two months left before the last semester ends, I am already beginning to feel the sadness engulfing my heart. Sob sob.
After this sem, we will be going our separate ways, taking different courses and most importantly, some are migrating to the Cyberjaya campus. I have decided to stay here in Malacca for various reasons. One of the main reasons is that Cyberjaya campus is seriously lacking the campus life. No Yum Cha sessions. Overwhelmed with inactive Clubs and Societies. Hmmm, looks like sacrificing 6 months by becoming a June graduate might not seem such a bad idea after all.
For the past 2 sems, it has been a fantastic blast for me. I tremendously enjoyed going to classes. I was excitedly involved in clubs and events which enriched my university life. I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!!! Coming from different backgrounds, states and countries ( international friends), we somehow manage to click with each other. My last two semesters were filled with laughter and many memorable moments. Even though the last two sems lasted for approximately 9 months, to me, time flew by extremely fast. Everything just happened so quickly and before I know it, it has come the the final sem of my foundation. I guess time truly flies when you are enjoying yourself =)
This sem, I hope that it will be another memorable yet enjoyable sem just like the previous. Seeing that most of us will be parting in the end, perhaps it would be a great idea to have an outing together. PM43 and PM44. Maybe a bbq party? Or perhaps going to Melaka's so called famous ikan bakar place? Still open to any suggestions though. I really hope that we can successfully organise an outing together to remind ourselves that no matter where life takes us to, we will never fail to cherish our foundation year and that our friends will continue to remain in our hearts!!!!

PM 43 & PM 44 ROCKS !!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Hungry Blogger - Part 1

"We eat to live, not live to eat"

The wise words above signifies how important it is to eat in moderation.
Now that I am in Ipoh, the first thing I have in mind is to satisfy my taste buds with the scrumptious food my beloved Ipoh has to offer. My tongue has long been deprived from such delicious food since I was in Melaka for quite some time. Even though the food in Melaka is oklah, it is still nothing compared to Ipoh. Since Ipoh is a haven for all the good food, my tongue is ready to be pampered to the max.

Armed with a my very own moto :

"I eat to live, and also live to eat"

I will try my very best to eat, capture pictures and blog all the mouth watering dishes here in Ipoh that I feel is worthy of before my holidays are over.

My very first stop is Ipoh's famous Ngah Choi Kai !

(above) We ate at one of the corner shops which as usual, was saturated with hungry customers

(above) Zooming in is the name of the shop we ate at

On the table laid a big plate of taugeh, 1 plate of a whole chicken, 6 bowls of keuh tiao noodles, 4 cups of herbal drinks, chillies and a soya sauce bottle.


Credit goes to these guys who work tirelessly to please the hunger of all Ngah Choi Kai lovers. What would Ipoh be like without them???

For those of you who do not know what is so special about Ipoh's Ngah Choi Kai, well, it's mostly about the taugeh (bean sprouts). It is the characteristically juicy, plump, succulent and sweet Ipoh bean sprouts that they adore most. It is a known fact that the bean sprouts here are twice as big as the ones you get elsewhere. They say it's due to the Ipoh's water.
Besides the bean sprouts, the kueh tiao (white thin noodles) is also to be complemented. The kueh tiao here is silky smooth.
All in all, Ipoh's Ngah Choi Kai still lives up to it's reputstion. TWO THUMBS UP!!!

Other delicacies of my interest that I plan to feast my taste buds on (not in any particular order):

1) Foh San's Dim Sum

2) Fish Noodle Shop

3) Andersonion's Curry House

4) Kai Xi Hor Fan

5) Claypot Chicken Rice

6) Chee Cheong Fun

*Kneeling before my knees, switching myself to prayer mode and looking up in the sky*
God, of all the fairies and angels present, please let there be no ULCERS in my mouth during my holidays. If not, eating would certainly be a torture.
God Bless

Cheers for now!